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Aether is an ability in Deathloop that is available when the Aether Slab is equipped. The Aether Slab is dropped by Egor Serling or may be randomly dropped by Julianna Blake.


Using Aether provides near-invisibility. Press L1 to activate the ability and press L1 again to cancel it.

This Slab drains your Power over time while active.

Aether's camouflage is most effective when you're stationary. The faster you move, the more visible you become - and the faster your Power drains.

Sensors, trip mines, and turrets can't see you while Aether is active. However, you can still trigger proximity mines.

You will still make sounds while moving when Aether is active. Attacks or other aggressive behavior ends the effect unless a relevant Slab upgrade is equipped.


Aether has four possible upgrades:

Aether Upgrade Disintegration.png Erase: While Aether is active, killing an enemy doesn't leave a trace.

Aether Upgrade Flicker.png Flicker: Attacking while using Aether makes you appear briefly, but doesn't halt the effect.

Aether Upgrade Ghost.png Ghost: Aether doesn't consume Power while you're standing still.

Aether Upgrade Phase.png Phase: Damage doesn't deactivate Aether, and you suffer less damage while it's active.

Related trophies[]

Icon Name Description Trophy
Don't Mind Me.png Don't Mind Me While using Aether as Colt, kill 3 enemies without alerting nearby enemies Bronze