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All Night Long is an Arsenal Lead in Deathloop. It provides a guide to obtaining the unique weapon, the Constancy Automatic.


All Night Long Kill Frank Spicer Take Frank's Constancy Automatic Completed: Constancy Automatic
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The Constancy Automatic: shoot while you reload or reload while you shoot, this SMG never quits. Ramblin' Frank Spicer is a man of refined tastes in music and firearms. Bet he's carrying something worth infusing. Step one, roll into the club. Step two, put Frank out of my misery. Step three, take his gun. Step four, profit. I've added the Constancy Automatic to my arsenal. Lasts all night long.


  • The Constancy Automatic is on Frank's person. To get it, he must be killed in the Morning at the Ramblin' Rock Club on Fristad Rock.
  • The Ramblin' Rock Club is subject to a ClassPass system which temporarily disables all your Slabs. You will either have to kill Frank without the assistance of your Slabs, or find a way to bypass the system and/or break in without him realizing.
  • When Frank dies, he drops the Constancy Automatic. It will come with a randomized perk every time you kill Frank.