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BQ Report: Cold Cuts is a Note in Deathloop.


Found pinned to the corkboard inside the Intelligence Archives Office. It is only accessible by collecting three passwords, provided in the Starbird's Lucky Numbers, Beetlequeen's Lucky Numbers and Intelligence Archives Access Notes.


BQ Report Cold Cuts-1.png
BQ Report Cold Cuts-2.png

WHAT: Parameters of target Ghost's Complex security web.

WHEN: Presumed ongoing, as of minus 5 months to First Day

SOURCE: Beetlequeen, direct observation of target Ghost's brush with the Great Beyond at Array P.

ANALYSIS: Target Ghost demonstrates a laser-focused commitment to the integrity of his solitude (if nothing else). Unfortunately for us, his light show won't trip the alarm if he's wearing his slabby suit.

This applies to turrets, laser walls, and any other system for which light refraction affects sensors.

It does not affect proximity-based explosives (heat detection?), as target Ghost discovered during a nearly fatal attempt to commune with a spiritual entity while high as shit and wearing nothing but his slab. (It's a wonder he didn't lose anything.)

Suggest further investigation would be a natural fit for Redfowl given her relevant experience.

Colt Note[]

Some defense systems may be foiled by using Egor's own Aether Slab against him.

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