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The Isle of Blackreef, or simply Blackreef, is a lawless island where the story of Deathloop takes place. Colt and Julianna are seemingly caught in an endless time-loop on the island, perpetually hunting down each other, with Colt trying to break the cycle, and Julianna trying to protect it.

There appears to be at least one town on the island, dwarfed by a towering loop-shaped structure.

Players are able to hunt down targets all over the island, in four connected districts.


Before the events of Deathloop, Blackreef was an isolated fishing colony, with the island being charted and surveyed in 1931 as part of an expedition referred to as "Operation Horizon". At some point in time, Blackreef was an army base owned by a nation referred to as the "Motherland", where various experiments were performed, specifically into the investigation of an anomaly. Eventually, by the 1960s, the island was bought out by a group called the AEON Program. As of the events of the game, Blackreef--and the time loop--are defended by a group of eight visionaries, individuals with unique powers tasked to maintain the loop and keep the party going for the residents of the island, in an attempt to gain eternal life by exploiting the anomaly on the island. However, due to the length of time and nature of the time loop and those it impacted, Blackreef's inhabitants experienced amnesia, including former Captain of security, Colt.[1]


The Visionaries[]

The Visionaries are individuals bestowed unique powers and abilities, tasked to maintain the loop and the "never ending party" of Blackreef.


  • Blackreef is inspired by the Faroe Islands, as well as the 1982 film The Thing.[2]
  • It is unclear where exactly Blackreef is located, setting-wise, as many of the place names mentioned outside the island do not correspond to any real-world locations. Speculation has been made by fans as to whether Blackreef is set in the far-future of the universe of the Dishonored series, another franchise developed by Arkane; however, this has been denied by the game's developers.
    • The "Motherland" which controlled Blackreef during the 1930s could be an analogue to the real-world Soviet Union.
    • Colt is mentioned to have been institutionalized in a facility known as the "Dargyey Institute" after crash-landing near a location known as "Huishui Village", before being broken out by Egor Serling,


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  1. DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE IN DEATHLOOP’S STORY TRAILER: "The island of Blackreef wasn’t always caught in a timeloop. It started off as an isolated fishing colony, but an anomaly in the area eventually attracted the attention of the military, and further down the line, the attention of the founding members of the AEON Program. These individuals and their followers came together to exploit the anomaly and create the timeloop that would ostensibly allow them to live forever.

    But the human mind isn’t made to withstand eternity. After enough time, the inhabitants of Blackreef started experiencing amnesia. At the beginning of the game, Colt is in this exact position. When Colt first opens his eyes on this particular morning on the frigid, sandy beach of Blackreef’s shore, he only has fleeting, dreamlike memories from the day before. His constant companions through his journey are strange, floating messages and radio calls from a woman who calls herself Julianna, and often the two have conflicting agendas that Colt will need to navigate. Because of his amnesia, Colt gets to know himself as you’re getting to know him. You’ll be learning about his past as you’re uncovering the island’s strange story and unraveling its mysteries."
  2. [ Deathloop Gives A Look At Some In-Game Paintings With Note From Art Director]: "“Key inspiration came from the Faroe Islands, which have a very wild and mysterious atmosphere (just Google it, you’ll understand) and The Thing (Carpenter, 1982), as we love the cold, isolated and intimate atmosphere of this masterpiece."