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The Boathouse is a location in Fristad Rock. It is only accessible in the Afternoon.


This location was used as an interrogation and torture chamber by both Colt Vahn and Frank Spicer. The Eternalist who traps Colt in the room is someone who he once interrogated, although Colt doesn't remember him.


The Boathouse is located in a cave underneath the Ramblin' Rock Club. The location consists of a corridor leading to two adjoining rooms.

When you enter the main room, it has been set up as an interrogation chamber. There is an Eternalist on the other side of the glass who will set off a toxic gas trap and lock the doors. To disable the gas, peek through the door to the second room and note the two numbers on the whiteboard (they are randomized for each player). On the lower level there is a crawlspace containing multiple numbered levers. Flip the two levers which correspond to the numbers from the whiteboard. Then open the control cabinet on the wall by hacking the nearby antenna and flip the lever to disable the gas. The doors will unlock and you will be free to go.

To access the locked room, you will need to use a Crank Wheel on a pipe in the entry corridor before the gas is activated. Doing so will fill the locked room with gas that explodes, killing the Eternalist and blowing open the locked door.



Icon Afternoon.png Found a man lurking in a boathouse under Frank's place. He seemed excited to see me but hardly keen to share a beer.

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