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Charlie Montague was a self-styled creative genius...then he started getting creative with experimental surgery on himself.

Charlie Montague is one of the Visionaries in Deathloop.


Before joining the AEON Program, Charlie Montague was a renowned game developer who has won at least five Game of the Year Awards.[1] He joined the program hoping to use the loop to refine his games and become an "Interaconteur".[2]

Charlie viewed the game, Condition Detachment, which he designed specifically for Blackreef as the most important game ever created because it had to be able to entertain everyone in the timeloop for what was promised to be eternity. He worked his employees relentlessly in pursuit of perfection, refusing to reduce scope even when there was a high likelihood that the game wouldn't be complete prior to First Day.[3]

Charlie asked Wenjie Evans to perform surgery on him in order to remove half his brain, in order to improve the computational power of his A.I., 2-B.I.T., which would function as a digital gamemaster of sorts.[4] At Charlie's request, Wenjie removed the parts of his brain associated with empathy.[5] The surgery had the expected outcome on Charlie's personality and resulted in the creation of a well-meaning but largely unintelligent and unassertive 2-B.I.T.

During his time with the AEON Program, Charlie has become romantically involved with fellow Visionary, Fia Zborowska, despite security instructions that Visionaries should avoid spending time with and fraternizing with other Visionaries.[6][7] He appears to value his relationship with her more than any of his other accomplishments.[8] The two of them have a secret rendezvous in the old Pumping Station in Fristad Rock every Afternoon.

Other than his many interactive games, Charlie is also responsible for the technology behind the ClassPass system[9] and the Minicoms which utilize Instant Courier Architecture.[1]


Charlie is arrogant and, like most of the other Visionaries, seemingly self-assured. He considers himself a genius and a badass, at times referring to himself as "Charlie 'Fucking' Montague", which could be his actual nickname. Since his brain surgery, he lacks any empathy, although he maintains fondness for Fia Zborowska. In addition to this, both before and after his surgery, he saw Colt Vahn as nothing more than an "underqualified gun man",[10] a notion that he would additionally program into 2-B.I.T., although the latter's view of Colt was eventually changed.

He might be more insecure than he lets on and has used the other Visionaries' voice prints to splice together Cassettes which make it sound like they are complimenting him on how great he is.


The Charlie Montague-designed games found around Blackreef are:

Related achievements and trophies[]

Icon Name Description Trophy
A Charlie Montague Game.png A Charlie Montague Game Prove you're a real gamer by winning Charlie's Wake Up Challenge, Reward Scheme, the Moxie, Haul-A-Quinn, and the Yerhva. Bronze
Ensemble Tragedy.png Ensemble Tragedy Kill each Visionary at least once. Bronze
Full Deck.png Full Deck Kill a Visionary using a full loadout, without any empty slots or sockets, and escape the map. Bronze
Game Over.png Game Over Kill Charlie within the rules of Condition Detachment. Bronze
Mightier Than The Gun.png Mightier Than The Gun Kill all Visionaries in a map - and make it to the exit - without using a gun. Bronze
Only The Guilty.png Only The Guilty Kill all Visionaries present in a map and escape without killing any Eternalists. Bronze
Pieces Of Eight.png Pieces Of Eight While playing as Colt, kill Frank. Or Charlie. Or Fia. Or Wenjie. Or Aleksis. Or Harriet. Egor will do as well. Bronze
Violent Delights.png Violent Delights Kill Charlie and Fia with a single bullet. Bronze



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