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Colt Vahn

Colt Vahn is the protagonist of Deathloop. His alias is The Captain.


Colt appears to be caught in an endless time loop within Blackreef, along with the game's antagonist Julianna Blake.
Unlike everyone else on the island, who sees it as paradise, he considers it to be a prison and believes he has to break the cycle and free himself and other people present from it—but for that he has to kill the eight Visionaries.[1]


Operation Horizon[]

Colt was born in 1911 and was a member of the military of an nation referred to as "The Motherland".[2] In the 1930s, he was a member of the expedition known as "Operation Horizon", sent to investigate a temporal anomaly on the Island of Blackreef. While serving on Blackreef, Colt became involved with another expedition member, Lila Blake, who was stationed at Akkar Station in Karl's Bay.[3] The involvement with Blake led to his demotion and him eventually volunteering for Operation Horizon's key experiment — flying the proprietary rakyetoplan into the temporal anomaly in a bid to reclaim his rank and reputation for his lover and unborn child.[4][5]

The experiment did not go as planned, and Colt, along with the rakyetoplan were lost to the temporal anomaly, thus he was subsequently reported as missing approximately seven weeks after his departure, presumed dead by Motherland forces.[6]

As it turned out, Colt was trapped in the Loop for 17 years but eventually reappeared, crashing an old sea plane into the fishing docks of Huishi Village and was institutionalized at the Dargyey Institute until Egor Serling freed him five years later.[2][7]

AEON Program[]

Colt was recruited by Egor Serling to assist with leading the AEON Program to Blackreef's specific location.[8][7] He was later made the Head of Security for the Program, most likely due to his military status. One of his responsibilities was ensuring the secrecy of the true nature of the Program by any means necessary, as well as eliminating any threat to the Loop[9]. This included interrogating Eternalists with suspect loyalties and, if needed, executing them before they could escape back to the mainland.[10][11] These interrogations were undertaken together with Frank Spicer. Colt developed the Loop Preservation Protocol — a security protocol, stating points of weaknesses of every Visionary, for directing the Eternalists to mentioned locations should the threat arise.

Egor Serling also took advantage of Colt's veteran status to advertise the AEON Program.[12]

After years of waking up on a Blackreef beach, Colt realizes that he is trapped in a loop and decides that he needs to break it and free everyone. The only way to do so is to kill all eight Visionaries (plus himself) in a single loop. He is opposed by Julianna Blake, the new Acting Head of Security and seemingly the only other person who knows that The First Day keeps repeating itself.


Colt is borderline insane and very talkative throughout his adventure on Blackreef, likely as a result of being repeatedly killed and brought back to life due to the island's time loop and being able to retain his memories every time. Ironically, despite their mutual animosity and frequent attempts on his life, Julianna and Frank are the closest thing Colt has to friends on the island; his relationship with Frank also became romantic prior to First Day. He seems to somewhat enjoy his conversations with Julianna and doesn't hesitate to trade barbs with her whenever she calls him. Nevertheless, he is determined to find a way to break the island's time loop and escape at any cost.


Colt has a muscular build: broad shoulders, defined biceps, and accentuated trained thighs, which allows him to successfully traverse the vast area of the island and hold himself in combat. He wears his black hair trimmed short and his beard tidy.

His default appearance is used in trailers and in-game profiling — The Captain[13].

The outfit consists of an old gradient brown Perfecto leather jacket with a painted "Dead Dogs" logo on the back and an array of pins and patches each holding significance, worn thick coated canvas khaki trousers and worn dark thick leather suede military boots. He has a cross-chest leather pouch and a bicep grenade holder, also made of leather. Underneath the jacket, Colt sports a dark purple turtleneck sweater, finished with wrist short dark orange thick leather gloves.

Colt wields a generous variety of weapons, from pistols and a machete to shotguns and long-ranged rifles, but his outfit provides observable sheaths only for the first two: a left hip gun holster for a pistol and a right calf sheath for a machete.


  • Reprise: Colt's unique slab allows him to resurrect himself twice before having to reset the loop.
  • Colt can also loot and equip all Slabs except for Julianna's unique Masquerade Slab. These slabs give him the same powers that they give their original owners.
    • Slabs can be upgraded by looting additional copies.
  • Colt can also equip Character Trinkets which give him additional abilities.

Related achievements and trophies[]

Icon Name Description Trophy
Blink Of An Eye.png Blink Of An Eye As Colt, transport an enemy onto a mine using Shift Bronze
Cooking With Gas.png Cooking With Gas While playing as Colt, ignite a gas cloud while someone is inside it. Bronze
Death Is In The Air.png Death Is In The Air As Colt, achieve 3 airborne headshots on enemies you've launched using Karnesis. Bronze
Don't Mind Me.png Don't Mind Me While using Aether as Colt, kill 3 enemies without alerting nearby enemies Bronze
For Every Occasion.png For Every Occasion Take 36 different Trinkets into the field with you while playing as Colt. Bronze
Fwd Fwd Fwd PAIN.png Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: PAIN As Colt, transmit damage over more than 20 meters using Nexus. Bronze
Nowhere To Hide.png Nowhere To Hide While playing as Julianna, cross Colt off your kill list. Bronze
Nowhere To Run To.png Nowhere To Run To Take out an invading Julianna while playing as Colt. Bronze
Oops.png Oops While playing as Colt, cause someone to fall to their death. Bronze
Pieces Of Eight.png Pieces Of Eight While playing as Colt, kill Frank. Or Charlie. Or Fia. Or Wenjie. Or Aleksis. Or Harriet. Egor will do as well. Bronze
Rip And Tear.png Rip And Tear As Colt, inflict a truckload of damage to Eternalists during a single use of Havoc. Bronze
Spare No Expense.png Spare No Expense While playing as Colt, own all upgrades for a Slab. Silver
Sugar Crash.png Sugar Crash While playing as Colt, use candy to gain a tactical advantage. Bronze
The Spice Of Life.png The Spice Of Life Die every which way as Colt: Drown. Fall. Choke on poison gas. Succumb to fatal depressurization. Get blown up. Shot. Stabbed. Ground up. Fried by a rocket. Oh, and obliterated by a reactor. Fun, right? Bronze


  • Colt Vahn and Julianna Blake were conceived as "a stylish fighting duo," and stylistically designed to be "equally elegant and engaging."[14]
  • Colt's pilot jacket was designed to signify that he was a veteran pilot from the military, as well as indicate his fighting prowess and firearms knowledge.[14]
  • Colt's jacket was originally a blue bomber jacket, but the leather jacket was chosen due to the team's love of it.[14]
  • One of Colt's skins is a reference to the 2000 film Memento.[14]


Additional skins for Colt can be unlocked by progressing through Hunter Ranks in Julianna's "Protect the Loop" mode as well as through special editions, pre-order bonuses, and by joining the Arkane Outsiders club.



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