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The founder of AEON, Egor craves respect, but the pseudoscience of his breakthroughs often leaves his "genius" unnoticed.DEATHLOOP Twitter

Egor Serling is one of the Visionaries in Deathloop, a self-proclaimed pseudoscientist and the original founder of the AEON Program.[1]


Founding the AEON Program and the success of the timeloop on Blackreef is the pinnacle of Egor Serling's life's work.[2][3] It is unclear how Egor learned of the temporal anomaly on Blackreef and Operation Horizon's activities on the island. However, his knowledge led him to rescue Colt Vahn from Dargyey Asylum and, with his assistance, "rediscover" Blackreef so the AEON Program could be established there.[4][5][6]

Egor's plan once in the loop is to conduct scientific experiments with regards to the temporal anomaly, starting with an attempt to communicate with the future. To do so, he has divided Blackreef into a number of zones with corresponding radio arrays and must manually align the V-22 Listening Device in each array, requiring him to hike across the island.[7]


Egor is a paranoiac[8] - insecure about many things but mostly his intelligence. He pays Aleksis Dorsey a large amount of money to to create a 'brain enlargement medicine' for him, but the medicine has no effect beyond vision problems and desquamation.[9] His fear of insignificance[2] is a driving force behind his desire to exploit the Loop to make a groundbreaking scientific breakthrough, in search of both power and discovery.[4]

Egor yearns for a paradoxical type of legitimacy: he wants to be left alone and seen as a genius, but he also wants to be liked and invited to parties.[1]

Unfortunately, despite Egor's best efforts, neither his peers nor his subordinates think highly of him,[10][11] and not even Aleksis wants him as a party guest.[12]


Egor's distinctive appearance consists of thick brown glasses with photochromic lenses, a gray sweater, black suit trousers, black Oxford style shoes, and his distinct red jacket. His jacket has some pins and patches attached to it at his left side which references his work on psychometry, a brand of pseudoscience classified as a form of extrasensory perception characterized by the claimed ability to make relevant associations from an object of unknown history by making physical contact with that object. His jacket might also be designed to interact with his Aether Slab. [13]


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