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The Fourpounder is a powerful handcannon found in Deathloop.

Perk Rolls[]

  • Explosive Decapitation: Headshots cause explosions.
    • [Headshots cause a cranial explosion, hurting and staggering anyone nearby.]
  • Focus Fire: Shots are delayed but deal more damage. {EXCLUSIVE}
    • [Slow down, breathe... fire. Shots are delayed but deal extra damage.]
  • Hunter's Mark: Shoot enemies to Tag them.
    • [Shoot enemies to Tag them. Now there's nowhere to hide.]
  • Marked For Death: Extra damage to Tagged enemies.
    • [Deal extra damage to Tagged enemies.]
  • Toxic Haze: Bullets release toxic gas on impact. {EXCLUSIVE}
    • [Bullets release a cloud of toxic gas on impact, chocking enemies.]

Notable Locations[]

  • A Fourpounder with the Hunter's Mark perk can be found under Harriet Morse's pillow in Karl's Bay in the Morning.
  • A Fourpounder with the Toxic Haze perk can be looted from Harriet Morse's corpse in Karl's Bay in the Morning.
  • A Fourpounder with the Explosive Decapitation perk can be found in The Complex in a crank-wheel safe near the Power Station entrance. A crank-wheel can be ordered at Noon or in the Afternoon for next time period use or you can find one in Wenjie Evans lab in the Morning.

Bonus Content[]

  • A variant called '.44 Karat' can be acquired in the Deluxe Edition of the game. It can only be used by Julianna.


  • The name of the gun is similar to classifications of 19th century artillery pieces, e.g. 36 pounder, denoting the weight of the projectile shot. In the French version of the game, the weapon is simply called "canon", which is French for cannon.
  • The Fourpounder is a recoil operated, toggle-locked handcannon, likely firing .44 Magnum ammunition.