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The Heritage Gun, a shotgun with a rifle mode, is one of the four unique guns found in Deathloop. Its two modes are accurate slugs and horizontally levelled buckshot.


Guaranteed Perk[]

  • Inferno: Slugs release gas; buckshot detonates it.

Perk Rolls[]

  • Bird Shot: Do more damage while in the air.
    • [Inflict more damage when you're airborne.]
  • Choke Point: Shots have reduced spread.
    • [Shots have a reduced spread. Concentrate fire where it's needed most.]
  • Dualist: Damage dealt in one mode buffs other. Reload resets. {Heritage Gun} {Strelak Verso}
    • [Damage dealt in one weapon mode buffs the other. The buff resets on reload.]
  • Scattergun: Shots have wider spread.
    • [Shots have a wider spread. Buckshot for everyone!]

Notable Locations[]


  • The Heritage Gun is modeled after a shortened lever-action rifle with a removed stock.