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For the Note, see Julianna Blake (note).

Julianna wants nothing more than to keep this eternal game of cat-and-mouse going. She's the constant voice in your ear...and the ever-present bullet in your back.

Julianna Blake is one of the Visionaries and main antagonists in Deathloop. Her alias is Jules.


Jules appears to be caught in an endless time loop within Blackreef, along with the game's protagonist, Colt Vahn.
Despite this, she is the only inhabitant of the island that has avoided the amnesiac effects of the time loop. Due to this, she believes that her life's purpose is on the island of Blackreef, and to "protect the cycle", she must kill Colt by competing with him.[1]
She uses a mixture of automatic weapons, melee, and high-powered rifles to do so.


Julianna wears many faces, thanks to her unique Slab — the Masquerade.
She is relatively tall, lean and athletic in a way that allows her to be agile to successfully hunt down Colt Vahn. Julianna has voluminous curly dark brown hair, which she usually ties with a mustard-colored natural silk satin headband, and she likes to wear a pair of black and white painted metal round earrings.

She has a standard appearance for cut scenes and in-game profiling — The Archivist skin[2].
It mainly consists of a khaki green oversized nylon bomber jacket with cotton satin inner padding and a painted back logo, a mustard-colored natural silk satin sleeveless top shirt with a stylized aircraft brooch, light blue slim tapered 12oz denim pants, white sneakers with elastic straps and dark brown gloves with 2 white fingers on her left glove.

This is the first ever skin the player gets, when chooses to play as Julianna, and also this is how the AI-controlled invading Julianna appears in-game.

As the player progresses through the Hunter Ranks, more Skins for her and Colt get unlocked.


Jules possesses a rather unique personality: "one moment she’s tenderly holding your hand, and the next, she’s plunging a machete through your spine"[3].

She is simultaneously caring and mocking, trusting and betraying, but she never fails to deliver a snarky line to Colt, whom she constantly tries to convince to not break the Loop — and any method is plausible.

Julianna never shies away from excessive violence, and she outright stated to be enjoying the hunt; and as player progresses, her motivation unravels.


Julianna Blake has come to Blackreef to be AEON Program's Archivist, and everything has been going exceptionally well for her until Colt Vahn starts to brutally murder her every loop — and at some point she starts to fight back.

It is unclear, whether Colt's constant violence towards Julianna has resulted in her avoidance of the amnesiac effect the Loop has on every other Visionary or if she has been able to retain her memories across iterations from the very First Day.

The game reveals, that Julianna is a daughter to the late Lila Blake — Colt's lover — and by the account of herself and different documents available in-game, she is Colt's daughter.

She claims to have known about it even before the initiation of the Loop – unlike Colt himself — and uses it as a leverage and means of pressure on Colt to sabotage his goal of breaking the Loop.

Julianna's age is not confirmed, but different in-game documents allow to speculate her to be around 25 years old before the start of the Loop.

Role in AEON Program[]

Jules is the Program's Archivist: her responsibilities include dispassionately documenting everything that happens to the Anomaly and the Loop.

Due to certain events, she also has to adopt a new position — the Head of Security, previously occupied by Colt Vahn.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Masquerade — a unique ability, available exclusively to Julianna. It allows her to swap appearances with any Eternalist or Visionary in order to confuse Colt and lead him on a wild goose chase. It is unupgradeable, and is always equipped. Masquerade cannot be unequipped.
  • Karnesis — an ability, innate to Aleksis Dorsey. It is upgradeable and up to two upgrades can be equipped simultaneously. Karnesis allows Julianna to send Colt flying in any direction possible to halt his advance.
  • Shift — an ability, innate to Charlie Montague. It is upgradeable and up to two upgrades can be equipped simultaneously. Shift allows Julianna to transverse considerable distances and reach higher locations to hunt down Colt in the most efficient way possible.
  • Aether — an ability, innate to Egor Serling. It is upgradeable and up to two upgrades can be equipped simultaneously. Aether allows Julianna to become almost completely invisible to sneak up or evade Colt.
  • Nexus — an ability, innate to Harriet Morse. It is upgradeable and up to two upgrades can be equipped simultaneously. Nexus allows Julianna to connect Colt's mind to Eternalists successfully making him kill himself, if he lays a hit on the connected NPC.
  • Havoc — an ability, innate to Fia Zborowska. It is upgradeable and up to two upgrades can be equipped simultaneously. Havoc allows Julianna to decrease the received damage, while it's active, while simultaneously increasing her attack rate.


Julianna may enter a district to hunt the player (Colt Vahn) down. When Julianna invades a game, the tunnel exits are locked. The player can unlock them by hacking the local radio antenna.
Colt can also take Julianna on — and replenish his Reprise by defeating her.

Julianna only invades districts where a Visionary is present, and Colt can only be invaded a limited number of times per loop.

A player may also choose to play as Julianna once the prologue (The Longest Day) is completed. In this mode, a player can invade a random player's timeline or an available friend's timeline. Playing as Julianna and performing different feats, including killing Colt in creative or clever ways, yields points. These points build toward a player's Hunter Rank. With each level of Hunter rank obtained, the player will be given a selection of rewards including trinkets (both weapon and personal), unique weapons, Slabs, Slab upgrades, as well as skins for both Julianna and Colt.

Related achievements and trophies[]

Icon Name Description Trophy
Dressing Down.png Dressing Down As Julianna, disguise yourself as Colt using Masquerade. Bronze
Ensemble Tragedy.png Ensemble Tragedy Kill each Visionary at least once. Bronze
Full Deck.png Full Deck Kill a Visionary using a full loadout, without any empty slots or sockets, and escape the map. Bronze
Mightier Than The Gun.png Mightier Than The Gun Kill all Visionaries in a map - and make it to the exit - without using a gun. Bronze
Nowhere To Hide.png Nowhere To Hide While playing as Julianna, cross Colt off your kill list. Bronze
Nowhere To Run To.png Nowhere To Run To Take out an invading Julianna while playing as Colt. Bronze
Only The Guilty.png Only The Guilty Kill all Visionaries present in a map and escape without killing any Eternalists. Bronze


  • Julianna Blake and Colt Vahn were conceived as "a stylish fighting duo," and stylistically designed to be "equally elegant and engaging."[4]
    • Julianna's clothing was designed as loose and oversized to represent her fast, agile nature, as well as her hunter role. However, her visual noise was kept to a minimum, as most of her intricate details were focused into her signature weapon: The Sepulchra Breteira.[5]
    • Julianna's catsuit skin was designed to evoke the image of her agility, nimble, and agile natures, while her blue dress was designed to evoke a contrast in her narrative role and her gameplay role.[6]



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