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The LIMP-10, also known as the Light Infantry Machine Pistol[1], is a submachine gun found in Deathloop.

Weapon Information[]

  • Jamming Tendency: Dependent on quality.
    • Grey (Crude): Frequent
    • Turquoise (Sleek): Never
    • Purple (Exemplar): Never
  • Ammunition: Small Caliber
  • Handling: Right Hand (Dual Wield Compatible)

Possible Perks[]

  • Ace In The Hole: Final rounds deal extra damage.
  • Open Wounds: Shot enemies take damage over time.
  • Snare: Slows enemies down on hit.
  • Suppressor: Weapon is much quieter.
  • Vampire: Recover health when you damage enemies.

Notable Locations[]

  • A LIMP-10 with the Suppressor perk can be found in The Complex, in Egor Serling's lab.
  • A LIMP-10 with the Open Wounds perk can be looted from Aleksis Dorsey's corpse in Updaam in the Evening.
  • A LIMP-10 with the Vampire perk can be found in Karl's Bay in Hanger 1, behind a code-locked door.



  1. Colt Vahn: "Light Infantry Machine Pistol. Why do I know this? Oh. Okay."