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Nexus is an ability in Deathloop that is available when the Nexus Slab is equipped. The Nexus Slab is dropped by Harriet Morse or may be randomly dropped by Julianna Blake.


The Nexus Slab links people body and mind. Anything that happens to one member of the network is experienced by all, from assassinations and shotgun blasts to the more esoteric effects of other Slabs.

Press L1 to hurl an imperceptible energy projectile at a group of enemies; it will burst on impact, linking anyone it comes in contact with.

Using Nexus depletes your Power by a segment. Links slowly continue to consume your Power while the ability remains active.


Nexus has four possible upgrades:

Nexus Upgrade Attraction.png Attraction: Nexus projectiles home in on enemies until they become unstable.

Nexus Upgrade Influence.png Influence: Enemies affected by Nexus spontaneously create connections to others nearby.

Nexus Upgrade Parasite.png Parasite: When someone affected by Nexus takes damage, you regain health.

Nexus Upgrade Protraction.png Protraction: Nexus drains your power at a slower rate.

Related achievements and trophies[]

Icon Name Description Trophy
Fwd Fwd Fwd PAIN.png Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: PAIN As Colt, transmit damage over more than 20 meters using Nexus. Bronze