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The PT-6 'Spiker' is a silenced nailgun found in Deathloop. This weapon can be charged for better accuracy and damage.[1]

Perk Rolls[]

  • Echolocation: Reveal and Tag enemies around impact. {EXCLUSIVE}
    • [Bullets reveal and Tag enemies near their impact point.]
  • Lights Out: Security temporarily shuts down on hit. {EXCLUSIVE}
    • [Security devices temporarily shut down when you hit anything around them.]
  • Marked For Death: Extra damage to Tagged enemies.
    • [Deal extra damage to Tagged enemies.]
  • Open Wounds: Shot enemies take damage over time.
    • [Shot enemies bleed and take damage over time.]
  • Wait For It: Less ammo; shots explode after delay. {EXCLUSIVE}
    • [Fired ammo explodes after a delay, but less fits in a magazine. OUCH.]

Notable Locations[]

  • A PT-6 'Spiker' with the Lights Out perk can be found in the Dusty Storeroom located in Karl's Bay.
  • A PT-6 'Spiker' with the Marked For Death perk can be found in the Library located in Updaam in the Morning. It is in a room on the Ground floor in a security-sealed orange display case which must be hacked to be opened. It is guarded by a Security Sensor.
  • A PT-6 'Spiker' with the Wait For It perk is dropped by an Eternalist in the Library in Updaam in the Morning.
  • A PT-6 'Spiker' with the Echolocation perk can be found in Akkar Station.


  • The PT-6 'Spiker' doesn't use a conventional magazine, instead, nails are loaded by dumping them into a hopper near the barrel. It is manufactured by Maco Machining Conglomerate.
  • Originally intended for use as a pneumatic nailgun, it has been repurposed as a silenced ranged weapon.



  1. Colt Vahn: "Useful for redecorating... or silent head shots with pneumatic prejudice. Yeah."