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The Pumping Station is a location within Fristad Rock. It is only accessible in the Afternoon.


The Pumping Station is located at the shoreline right under Fractured ImAge. It has the common lift shaft and the map on the walls of Fractured ImAge. It is sealed by a prototype Charlie Montague locking mechanism which uses a series of Fia Zborowska pictograms as its code. The required pictograms are located inside Fractured ImAge and their locations are given by the Note, Aesthetics are Key. The corresponding cartridge numbers which must be entered to unlock the station can be found by matching the pictograms with the diagram on the paper sitting on the security console. The code is randomized for each player.

Once the door to the station is unlocked, the main point of entry is an elevator shaft. Other than the entrance, there are two exits from the shaft - an exit halfway down which leads to a locked door to the control room (it can only be unlocked from the inside, by hacking a nearby antenna), and an exit at the bottom of the shaft which allows you access into the main Pumping Station.

If neither Fia nor Charlie were killed at Noon, they will have a secret rendezvous in the station and will be arguing on the level above the bottom entrance when you enter the main station for the first time.

The station can be flooded by accessing the control room which is above the bottom entrance. There is a lever in the room which, when pulled, will flood the station and kill everyone inside. The fastest way to escape the station is to hack an antenna on the door near the control room. The door will shut after a short while so it should only be opened when you are ready to exit the area. The station can also be flooded by shooting one of the large water pipes in the location.


  • Charlie's Extended Cut, Part I: On a couch inside the station, on the same level as the control room.
  • Damp Note: Taped to a panel on the wall on the bottom floor between the lift shaft and the entrance to the station. Appears only if Charlie was killed at Noon.
  • Moist Note: Taped to a panel on the wall on the bottom floor between the lift shaft and the entrance to the station. Appears only if Fia was killed at Noon.
  • More Than a Gun: On the upper level. It appears as a crumpled piece of paper.
  • Order of Operations: On the security console in the entrance room.
  • Watching Paint Dry: On the security console in the entrance room.


Icon Afternoon.png I can open the door to Charlie and Fia's pumping station by entering tapes #, #, #, and # - in that order.

Icon Afternoon.png Charlie and Fia's love nest can be flooded at the pumping station control room.

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