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The Sepulchra Breteira is a non-suppressed sniper rifle and one of the four unique guns found in Deathloop.


Guaranteed Perk[]

Scoped: Scoped. Aim further. Shoot sharper.

Perk Rolls[]

In addition to the Guaranteed Perk, the Sepulchra Breteira will have one of the following randomized perks.
Coiled Snake.png Coiled Snake {EXCLUSIVE}: The longer you hold the trigger, the more damage your shots inflict.
Deep Lungs.png Deep Lungs {EXCLUSIVE}: Hold your breath to stabilize your aim for longer.
Explosive Decapitation.png Explosive Decapitation: Headshots cause a cranial explosion, hurting and staggering anyone nearby.
Hunter's Mark.png Hunter's Mark: Shoot enemies to Tag them. Now there's nowhere to hide.
Open Wounds.png Open Wounds: Shot enemies bleed and take damage over time.

Obtaining the gun[]

The Sepulchra Breteira is the reward for completing the Keep On Giving Arsenal Lead.

It is found in Updaam in the Afternoon. An Angry Eternalist will announce over the intercom that they have left a present for you near your apartment. There is a giant present with a lever in the middle of the road in Dorsey Square.

Pulling the lever triggers an ambush which spawns seven assassins who will shoot at you. After finishing them off, the Sepulchra Breteira can be found in the bakery.

Note: You are not required to spring the trap, you can also sneak into the bakery and kill the 3 snipers waiting for the surprise.

Other spawns[]

The Sepulchra Breteira may be randomly dropped by Julianna Blake.