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Shift is an ability in Deathloop that is available when the Shift Slab is equipped. The Shift Slab is dropped by Charlie Montague or may be randomly dropped by Julianna Blake.


Shift allows you to cross short distances almost instantaneously. Press L1 or Wheel to immediately teleport in the direction you're facing.

Hold L1 or Wheel to pinpoint a location more precisely, then release it to teleport.

Shift can cover distance quickly, and can also grant easy access to the ledges and rooftops above you. Shift works almost identically to Blink in Dishonored 1 and 2.

Teleporting with Shift depletes one segment of Power.


Shift has four possible upgrades:

Shift Upgrade Airborne.png Airborne: Using Shift in mid-air briefly halts your fall.

Shift Upgrade Dropkick.png Dropkick: Kicking during a use of Shift produces a powerful (and dangerous) sonic boom.

Shift Upgrade Reach.png Reach: You can travel further - and higher - when using Shift.

Shift Upgrade Swapper.png Swapper: Shift can be used to swap your position with that of an enemy. Get creative.

Related achievements and trophies[]

Icon Name Description Trophy
Blink Of An Eye.png Blink Of An Eye As Colt, transport an enemy onto a mine using Shift. Bronze
Forever Yours.png Forever Yours Infuse a Slab. Bronze

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