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The Storm Shelter is a location within Fristad Rock.


The Storm Shelter is an old spy hideout located along the shoreline near Colt's tunnels. The main door is locked but the shelter can be accessed during Morning or Noon by climbing through a utility tunnel a little further down the shoreline (this entrance is not accessible after the tide rises later in the day). The front door can eventually be unlocked by ringing the doorbell - the number of times the doorbell must be rung is randomized for each player and given by an encoded message on the radio each morning.

The main attraction of the Storm Shelter is a large locked door which leads to the Intelligence Archives Office. The door requires three separate codes to unlock which are given by the notes: Intelligence Archives Access, Beetlequeen's Lucky Numbers, and Starbird's Lucky Numbers, the first of which is found on a desk in the location.

There is also a board with a map of Blackreef, attached to which are notes on the different Visionaries which the spies have been surveying.



Icon Morning.png Icon Noon.png Icon Afternoon.png I can open a bunker in Fristad Rock by ringing the bell # times.

Icon Morning.png Icon Noon.png Icon Afternoon.png I found the codes that'll get me into the spies' archives in their bunker on Fristad Rock: ###, ### and ###.

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