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The Strelak 50-50 is a semi-automatic shotgun found in Deathloop.

Perk Rolls[]

  • Bird Shot: Do more damage while in the air.
    • [Inflict more damage when you're airborne.]
  • Choke Point: Shots have reduced spread.
    • [Shots have a reduced spread. Concentrate fire where it's needed most.]
  • Open Wounds: Shot enemies take damage over time.
    • [Shot enemies bleed and take damage over time.]
  • Scattergun: Shots have wider spread.
    • [Shots have a wider spread. Buckshot for everyone!]
  • Snare: Slows enemies down on hit.
    • [Damaging an enemy slows them down, making for an easy target.]

Notable Locations[]

  • A Strelak 50-50 with the Snare perk can be looted from Charlie Montague's corpse in Updaam at Noon or Fristad Rock in the Afternoon.
  • A Strelak 50-50 with the Scattergun perk can be found in a safe underneath the bar, down the hill from the Ramblin' Rock Club in Fristad Rock. The safe requires a Crank Wheel to open.