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The Strelak Sapper Charge is one of the weapons found in Deathloop.


The Strelak Sapper Charge is a versatile explosive with three configurations: Grenade, Proximity Charge, and Trip Mine. These modes can be cycled at will and each have their situational advantages.

Grenades can be thrown or cooked as timed explosives. Trip Mines and Proximity Charges can be thrown or placed on any surface, and can be picked up by Colt at any time (before detonation). Enemy trip mines can not be picked up by Colt, only disarmed. Juliana on the other hand can repurpose any trip mines placed in the area to replenish her stock of Strelak Sapper Charges.


  • Players can use the Strelak Sapper Charges to kill groups of enemies, or to set deadly traps for wandering foes.

PS5 players:

  • Throw or Place a charge by pressing L1.
  • Cook or Aim a charge by holding L1.


  • Found in an opened strongbox in Colt's Loop bunker.


  • The Strelak 50-50, the Strelak Verso, and the Sapper Charges all fall under the 'Strelak' brand.
  • Trip Mines seem to have a larger blast radius to Proximity Charges, but they can be more easily avoided.
  • Proximity Charges are harder to spot, but they are more audibly apparent than Trip Mines.
  • Unlike Colt, Juliana can retrieve any Strelak Charges placed around the map by the Eternalists, to replenish her own charge inventory.
    • Landmines can also be picked up to replenish Juliana's charges, despite the fact that she is not actually picking up Sapper Charges.