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The Strelak Verso, dual-wield handguns with a rifle mode, is one of the four unique guns found in Deathloop. Its two modes are 2-round burst dual handguns and a 4-round burst rifle.


Perk Rolls[]

  • Bird Shot: Do more damage while in the air.
    • [Inflict more damage when you're airborne.]
  • Dualist: Damage dealt in one mode buffs other. Reload resets. {Heritage Gun} {Strelak Verso}
    • [Damage dealt in one weapon mode buffs the other. The buff resets on reload.]
  • Explosive Decapitation: Headshots cause explosions.
    • [Headshots cause a cranial explosion, hurting and staggering anyone nearby.]
  • Quick Change: Switch weapon modes faster. {EXCLUSIVE}
    • [Switch weapon modes faster. Life's too short for one kind of killing.]
  • Snare: Slows enemies down on hit.
    • [Damaging an enemy slows them down, making for an easy target.]

Notable Locations[]


The 'Ever After' skin for the Strelak Verso can be obtained by joining the (free) Arkane Outsiders group.