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The Yerhva is a Note in Deathloop.


Found by interacting with The Yerhva in Karl's Bay.


The transcript in the journal only shows one of the 10 questions asked by The Yerhva. All the questions are contained in the below table (with the correct answers bolded).

Question Answers
The wriggling, writhing energies of the Loop have been harnessed to gift us with abilities beyond our biological potential. What birthed our trinkets and slabs?
  1. The tide washed them upon the shores of Blackreef
  2. Julianna Blake unearthed them from abandoned military laboratories
  3. The Montague Recreational R&D Division developed them in utmost secrecy
  4. They were carved from the bones of the first person to enter the anomaly
  5. Fia Zbrowska painted their schema in her sleep
  6. Egor Serling discovered them scattered at the based of the Stabilizer
  7. Dr. Wenjie Evans personally engineered each one
  8. They sprouted from soil watered with Eternalist blood
The Bay, the Rock, and labyrinthine Updaam wear AEON colors proudly , but that decor belies their history. From whence came the peculiar names that grace them?
  1. AEON derived them from military codenames
  2. Eternalists participated in a naming lottery prior to First Day
  3. Dr. Wenjie Evans selected them from a mouldering tome of erotic poetry
  4. They were written in blood on the walls when AEON arrived
  5. They date back to a lost fishing colony
  6. They reference Ramblin' Frank Spicer's discography
  7. They celebrate the heroes of The War
  8. Only the Yerhva knows
Before AEON's arrival, Blackreef slept in frozen utero, awaiting new purpose. Who then made landfall, reawakening her from slumber?
  1. A foundering merchant vessel
  2. Colt Vahn and Egor Sterling, on a voyage of discovery
  3. A carrier pigeon from the mainland
  4. The foremost maritime painter of this century
  5. A military expedition
  6. Three escaped convicts in a homemade submarine
  7. A dowser in the employ of Harriet Morse
  8. Agents of the government of the Motherland
AEON graces this island as kaleidescopic jewels upon the neck of the world's greatest beauty. What seeks the Program?
  1. Pirate treasure troves
  2. Rare botanical specimens for scientific study
  3. The advancement of human potentiality and enlightenment
  4. Shelter from persecution
  5. A pathway to the stars
  6. The formula for the ultimate party
  7. Kaleidescopic jewels
  8. The answer to philosophy's most profound questions
Harriet Morse is the gatekeeper, Blackreef the gate. A veil hangs across the threshold. What do we discover when it parts?
  1. A place of pleasure
  2. A place of pain
  3. The Kingdom of a Thousand Crystal Palaces
  4. The Great Beyond
  5. Wisps of smoke and broken things
  6. The Inverted Plane
  7. This very room
  8. Our own reflection
Karl's Bay has worn many faces, most as lost to time as the mysterious Karl himself. What was its most recent incarnation prior to AEON's arrival?
  1. An open-air fish market
  2. The headquarters of a shipping conglomerate
  3. A military air base
  4. An empty coastline bereft of human influence
  5. A bustling sea port
  6. Residential facilities for visiting tourists
  7. The site of an archaeological dig
  8. A weather station
Decades ago, warmongers toyed with the temporal tides eddying about Blackreef. Their sigil-marked temples stand still. What named their doomed enterprise?
  1. The 53rd Scientific Research Division
  2. Time Taskforce
  3. Operation Horizon
  4. The Recourse Initiative
  5. Project Threshold
  6. The Blackreef Restoration Project
  7. TempOps
  8. 0957382050317389
Sink your toes into the dark earth and let the vibrations of her voice course through your bones. From whence did this island derive her name?
  1. Lady Tabitha Blackreef, explorer
  2. An ancient cave carving
  3. An abundance of coal deposits
  4. A Fishbone Keef original shanty
  5. Egor Serling's favorite color
  6. The isle's role in the tobacco trade
  7. The heart of Bad Luck Mary
  8. Coastal coral formations
Blackreef boasts a bountiful feast for the senses. Which transcendent work towers above the island's myriad other artistic pursuits?
  1. The dead buildings that rise from the sodden ground
  2. Aleksis Dorsey's gastronomical installation
  3. AEON Program official signage
  4. Your own mask
  5. Blackreef's cliffs and canyons
  6. The 'Forever Drunk' graffito
  7. The nose, chin, and eyes of Charlie Montague
  8. The aural art of Gideon Fry
From what seed did AEON spring?
  1. Ramblin' Frank Spicer's touring fan club, the Aeoniacs
  2. The experimental delivery office of Zborowski logistics
  3. An Expansion to Condition Detachment: A Charlie Montague Game
  4. Documents concerning the defunct AEON Initiative uncovered by Julianna Blake
  5. An ancient prophecy of the end days
  6. The shared ambitions of Harriet Morse, Egor Serling, and Dr. Wenjie Evans
  7. A corporate retreat for promising young executives
  8. Aleksis Dorsey's virtuosic improvisational harmonies

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