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The Transmission Post is a location within Fristad Rock.


The Transmission Post is located on the hill above the Fractured ImAge and on the other side of the cliffs from the Ramblin' Rock Club.

During the Morning, Eternalists attempt to jump through a giant 'O' which is suspended from a nearby crane, above a giant pit. If one successfully makes the jump through the 'O', a box on the top of the Transmission Post will open, revealing a Trinket inside.

During the Afternoon, the Hacker's Hideout on the bottom floor of the Transmission Post will be open. It contains a control terminal from which a hacker intends to take over the airwaves and hack 2-B.I.T.. During the Afternoon, you can complete the hacker's plan by interfering nearby radio transmitters on top of the Ramblin' Rock Club, allowing you to become a power user of 2-B.I.T.

There is an initially blocked door on the middle floor. The room can be accessed by a hole in the roof - the hole is near the cliffside, behind some crates. Once inside the room, the obstruction can be broken and the door will be able to be opened.

The Transmission Post is also where the antenna for unlocking Colt's tunnels in Fristad Rock is located.


  • Charlie's Extended Cut, Part II: Behind the initially blocked door on the middle floor.
  • Hacking 2-BIT: On a crate near the control panel in the Hacker's Hideout on the bottom floor. Only accessible during the Afternoon.
  • Scrawled Screed: On the control panel in the Hacker's Hideout on the bottom floor. Only accessible during the Afternoon.


Icon Afternoon.png An audacious Eternalist determined to unlock additional 2-BIT commands has placed home-grown hacking tech under the radio broadcaster.

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