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The Tribunàl is a small caliber handgun found in Deathloop.

Perk Rolls[]

  • Golden Shot: Stacks bonus damage on the last round. {EXCLUSIVE}
    • [Causing damage gives a stacking bonus to the last round in the magazine, which resets on reload.]
  • Hunter's Mark: Shoot enemies to Tag them.
    • [Shoot enemies to Tag them. Now there's nowhere to hide.]
  • Marked For Death: Extra damage to Tagged enemies.
    • [Deal extra damage to Tagged enemies.]
  • Run And Gun: Shoot without ending sprint. {EXCLUSIVE}
    • [You can fire your weapon while sprinting. Do gunning... while running.]
  • Streaker: Buff damage by hitting consecutive enemies. {EXCLUSIVE}
    • [Hitting consecutive enemies grants you a stacking damage buff.]
  • Suppressor: Weapon is much quieter.
    • [Your weapon makes less noise. Just like in the movies.]

Notable Locations[]

  • A Tribunàl with the Golden Shot perk can be found in Updaam in a crank-wheel safe along the cliffside path up from The Moxie during the Noon/Afternoon/Evening. A crank-wheel can be ordered in the Morning/Noon/Afternoon for next time period use or you can find one near Charlie's ClassPass door under his location at Noon.
  • Two Tribunàls with the Hunter's Mark and Marked For Death perks can be found in the Intelligence Archives behind a locked door in an unlocked safe in Fristad Rock.

Bonus Content[]

  • A variant called 'Eat The Rich' can be acquired in the Deluxe Edition of the game. It can only be used by Colt.