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The following is a list of weapons featured in the game Deathloop.

List of Weapons[]

Weapon Quality[]

  • Grey (Crude): Lowest tier of quality, prone to jamming.
  • Turquoise (Sleek): Second best tier of quality.
  • Purple (Exemplar): Best tier of quality, equipped with perks.
  • Gold (Unique): Rare quality tier, equipped with perks and unique abilities.

Note: Only Exemplar and Unique weapons come with perks; special abilities that change how the gun performs.

Weapon Perks[]

  • Ace In The Hole: Final rounds deal extra damage.
    • [The final few rounds in the magazine deal extra damage. Save the best for last.]
  • Bird Shot: Do more damage while in the air.
    • [Inflict more damage when you're airborne.]
  • Choke Point: Shots have reduced spread.
    • [Shots have a reduced spread. Concentrate fire where it's needed most.]
  • Coiled Snake: Hold the trigger to deal more damage. {Sepulchra Breteira}
    • [The longer you hold the trigger, the more damage your shots inflict.]
  • Deep Lungs: Stabilize your aim for longer. {Sepulchra Breteira}
    • [Hold your breath to stabilize your aim for longer.]
  • Dualist: Damage dealt in one mode buffs other. Reload resets. {Heritage Gun} {Strelak Verso}
    • [Damage dealt in one weapon mode buffs the other. The buff resets on reload.]
  • Eagle Eye: Enhanced zoom when aiming down sights. {Rapiér}
    • [Zoom is enhanced when aiming down sights for that between-the-eye feeling.]
  • Echolocation: Reveal and Tag enemies around impact. {PT-6 'Spiker'}
    • [Bullets reveal and Tag enemies near their impact point.]
  • Explosive Decapitation: Headshots cause explosions.
    • [Headshots cause a cranial explosion, hurting and staggering anyone nearby.]
  • Feedback Loop: Stack damage buff when hitting enemies.
    • [Harming an enemy gives you a stacking damage increase for a brief period of time.]
  • Focus Fire: Shots are delayed but deal more damage. {The Fourpounder}
    • [Slow down, breathe... fire. Shots are delayed but deal extra damage.]
  • Golden Shot: Stacks bonus damage on the last round. {Tribunàl}
    • [Causing damage gives a stacking bonus to the last round in the magazine, which resets on reload.]
  • Hunter's Mark: Shoot enemies to Tag them.
    • [Shoot enemies to Tag them. Now there's nowhere to hide.]
  • Lights Out: Security temporarily shuts down on hit. {PT-6 'Spiker'}
    • [Security devices temporarily shut down when you hit anything around them.]
  • Marked For Death: Extra damage to Tagged enemies.
    • [Deal extra damage to Tagged enemies.]
  • More Bang: Bullets explode on impact. {Rapiér}
    • [Bullets explode on impact... the best of both worlds.]
  • Myopic Muscle Memory: Faster reload, shorter range. {Rapiér}
    • [Reloading in the blink of an eye, your gun turns into a short range murder machine.]
  • Open Wounds: Shot enemies take damage over time.
    • [Shot enemies bleed and take damage over time.]
  • Quick Change: Switch weapon modes faster. {Strelak Verso}
    • [Switch weapon modes faster. Life's too short for one kind of killing.]
  • Run And Gun: Shoot without ending sprint. {Tribunàl}
    • [You can fire your weapon while sprinting. Do gunning... while running.]
  • Scattergun: Shots have wider spread.
    • [Shots have a wider spread. Buckshot for everyone!]
  • Silver Bullet: Ammo isn't spent if you hit someone. {Rapiér}
    • [Ammo isn't spent if you hit someone. Miss and the gun won't fire for the rest of the mission.]
  • Snare: Slows enemies down on hit.
    • [Damaging an enemy slows them down, making for an easy target.]
  • Streaker: Buff damage by hitting consecutive enemies. {Tribunàl}
    • [Hitting consecutive enemies grants you a stacking damage buff.]
  • Suppressor: Weapon is much quieter.
    • [Your weapon makes less noise. Just like in the movies.]
  • Toxic Haze: Bullets release toxic gas on impact. {The Fourpounder}
    • [Bullets release a cloud of toxic gas on impact, chocking enemies.]
  • Vampire: Recover health when you damage enemies. {LIMP-10}
    • [Recover health when you damage enemies. Go get'em leech!]
  • Wait For It: Less ammo; shots explode after delay. {PT-6 'Spiker'}
    • [Fired ammo explodes after a delay, but less fits in a magazine. OUCH.]
  • Zero In: Tighter spread the longer you fire.
    • [The longer you fire continuously, the tighter your shot spread.]

Note: { } indicates perk-weapon exclusivity.

Note: [ ] indicates in-game flavor text.

Weapon Infusing and Sacrificing Costs[]

  • Grey (Crude): 4000 Infuse | 1000 Sacrifice
  • Turquoise (Sleek): 6000 Infuse | 1500 Sacrifice
  • Purple (Exemplar): 8000 Infuse | 2000 Sacrifice
  • Gold (Unique): 9000 Infuse | 2250 Sacrifice

Related Achievements and Trophies[]

Icon Name Description Trophy
Spoiled for Choice.png Spoiled for Choice Infuse one of each type of weapon. Bronze