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The following is a list of weapons featured in the game Deathloop.

List of Weapons

Weapon Quality

  • Grey (Crude): Lowest tier of quality, prone to jamming.
  • Turquoise (Sleek): Second best tier of quality.
  • Purple (Exemplar): Best tier of quality, equipped with perks.
  • Gold (Unique): Rare quality tier, equipped with perks and unique abilities.

Note: Only Exemplar and Unique weapons come with perks. Perks are special abilities that change how a weapon performs. Each weapon has it own set of perks.

Weapon Infusing and Sacrificing Costs

  • Grey (Crude): 4000 Infuse | 1000 Sacrifice
  • Turquoise (Sleek): 6000 Infuse | 1500 Sacrifice
  • Purple (Exemplar): 8000 Infuse | 2000 Sacrifice
  • Gold (Unique): 9000 Infuse | 2250 Sacrifice
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